We believe that all children should have access to an exceptional education regardless of social class or income. AFIA students have the choice to participate in a wealth of extracurricular activities and receive instruction guided by an experiential curriculum highlighting concepts and events. The AFIA experience opens a young child’s eyes to big concepts like sustainability, civic engagement, entrepreneurship, good health, and well-being. Each child will increase their capacity for greatness by building social, emotional, and cognitive skills essential for success in school and life.

Inquiry-Based Learning

Students master balanced math and reading instruction to build foundational skills and are exposed to our guided inquiry model. We guide students in the design of an investigation process addressing open questions and problems. This fosters collaboration, risk-taking, skills mastery, and greater confidence.

All students master the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

Dual Enrollment

In partnership with the University of Texas, we offer dual enrollment courses. Students enrolled in these courses simultaneously earn college credit while satisfying high school graduation requirements. Students may enroll in the following courses:

  • College Algebra
  • Physics
  • Rhetoric
  • U.S. History


The educational experience at AFIA goes beyond academics. We believe student participation in extracurricular activities leads to greatness by building confidence, leadership, and lifelong friendships.