Outside view of Anne Frank IA school building

About AFIA

Anne Frank Inspire Academy (AFIA) schools provide tuition-free K–12 education dedicated to reimagining and transforming learning. We are crafting world leaders of tomorrow through rigorous and innovative curricula, creative collaboration, guided learning, and an inquiry-driven model.

Inspired Learning Now at Two San Antonio Locations

Bandera Rd (K-12)
11216 Bandera Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78249
Phone: (210) 638-5900
NW Military (K-8)
12500 NM Military Hwy
San Antonio, TX 78231
Phone: (210) 638-5200

Due to the tremendous response from San Antonio families choosing AFIA, we are thrilled to announce a new K–8 campus opening this August (enrolling grades K–5 now). AFIA NW Military is another campus offering families

  • a free public charter school where they are treated as family; 
  • a school where every child can feel like they belong;
  • a school where children can find joy through inspirational learning models; and 
  • a school where each child has numerous opportunities to uncover their strengths and be great!

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Our Mission

To increase the capacity for human greatness.

Our Vision

To reimagine and transform global learning.

Core Values

We believe students can be self-directed learners, and schools can be both fun and challenging. Value gives meaning to what we do. But at Anne Frank, our core values of innovation, embracing, integrity, greatness, and joy are the driving force behind every decision we make.

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Having a school where children feel like they genuinely belong empowers them to learn and thrive. We understand that children learn best when they actively engage with big ideas, rich materials, and a supportive social community. Our small school environment allows us to create learning environments optimized for each child. At AFIA, we guide our students to solve problems through reasoning and prepare them to meet any academic or social challenge.

Find Joy

Too often, a child’s natural sense of wonder is stifled by outdated educational models. Our daily goal is to bring joy to learning by inspiring children to be curious about the world. They’re immersed in learning experiences relevant to their lives. Collaborative, lively, messy, and fun—an AFIA learning space is a place where a child’s innate curiosity is nurtured and guided by masterful educators teaching how to think—not what to think.

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Be Great

All students master the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), along with a wealth of extracurricular activities, including an experiential curriculum highlighting concepts and events all children should be able to experience regardless of social class or income. The AFIA experience opens a young child’s eyes to big concepts like sustainability, civic engagement, entrepreneurship, good health, and well-being. Each child will increase their capacity for greatness by building social, emotional, and cognitive skills essential for success in school and life.

Our Facilities

Bandera Rd

We intentionally designed our campus grounds to create a small, family-like environment to ensure every student and teacher gets to know one another—because no one should ever “fall through the cracks.” In partnership with award-winning, international architects at Fielding Nair, we created incredible facilities with outdoor learning areas (including a treehouse designed by Pete Nelson of Treehouse Masters); a variety of creative, indoor learning studios (like yoga studios); and zero hallways! Additionally, we have equipped our schools with seamless, state-of-the-art technology—an absolute must in the modern world.

NW Military

Located within the Barshop Jewish Community Center, our newest campus features top-notch educators in small class sizes, so each child has plenty of elbow room to learn, create, and explore. Our safe and secure facilities include a huge indoor gym, climbing wall, green learning spaces, garden, and an amazing playground. Whether running experiments in a science lab, computing in a classroom or collaborating with others under big blue skies, our school ecosystem ensures every child feels like they BELONG, FIND JOY in learning, and are provided opportunities to BE GREAT.