AFIA 2022 Inspire Learning Series presented by Anne Frank Inspire Academy. April 8-9, 2022 Kim Sutton. Leading provider of creative mathematics teacher training and materials. May 20, 2022 Penny Kittlle. Transformation students' relationship to literacy through essay, poetry, book clubs, and digital composition.

At Anne Frank Inspire Academy, we are always looking for ways to grow and expand our knowledge as educators and leaders. Join us for the APIA 2022 Inspire Learning Series in April and May.

Penny Kittle, ELA & Reading K–8

May 20, 2022 (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.)
At the AFIA Bandera Rd Campus
$99 per person. Lunch will be included.

"I believe each of my students must craft an individual reading life of challenge, whim, curiosity, and hunger. I believe in the collecting, noticing, living work of designing lessons to empower writers. I believe teachers provide vision for students; we live a belief in their success every day we teach." – Penny Kittle

Essay. Poetry. Book Clubs. Digital Composition. Penny Kittle will take participants in a deep dive into four essential studies. Her aim is to move beyond compliance and formula, and to develop students’ agency, independence, and decision-making skills. These four practices have the power to transform students’ relationship with literacy—and truly prepare them for the more demanding work of college.

A central belief underlies each of the four studies—that composing involves choosing, picking among options. It is not following a pre-set pattern. But if students are to make these choices, they need to be aware of the moves and possibilities open to them. She’ll show how teacher demonstrations, skillful use of mentor texts, effective feedback, and many other tools can make choices possible.

By reimagining how we teach essay, poetry, book clubs, and digital composition, we can open the door to more engaged, connected, and challenging learning.

Penny Kittle Registration

Kim Sutton, Math K–8

April 9, 2022 (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.)
At the AFIA Bandera Rd Campus
$149 per person. Lunch will be included.

Saturday, April 9, 2022 – Open to all community educators

This exciting NEW K-5 class by Kim Sutton will focus on the all-important goal of math fact fluency – an issue that many students coming back from the pandemic are struggling with. Kim has long stood by the need for students to have math fact fluency as a foundational skill for developing into strong problem solvers. Basic facts are the critical tools for meaningful mathematics, and Kim will share her strategies with you to teach your students to achieve math fact fluency through song, dance, literature, games, and other practice tools!

Participants will learn:

  • How to teach for understanding the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • What computational strategies are the most important for what grade levels!
  • Simple student-constructed tools that can be used for all strategies.
  • How to use three generic games with hundreds of possibilities!
  • Music that will have us dancing in the classroom!
  • How to be effective with choral chanting! What does that look like in today’s classroom?
  • “Make It” games and workstations like you have never seen before!